They are in mint condition. On the bottom, the words Western Germany appear to the left of the V and bee symbol. The blue ink Bee and V are inside an imprinted circle (no ink). Site design: Dave Lindberg Marketing & Design. I put them around 1987. Auction value is about $125.00. It also has the date 1964 and a blue stamp that says GOEBEL W. Germany. Could you help me find out how much they would be worth? I was given a set of bookends. It has the signature trademark as well with the imbedded # of what looks like 186 but I honestly cant make it out too well. A friend is trying to find out about a Hummel figurine she has that is just marked Made in US Zone and is also marked Germany. Hi, Larger version of Spring Dance with a different name, maybe? I am curious about the market price of the undamaged ones. Hummel 204 Weary Wanderer trademark one retail value is $700.00 to $900.00 (USD). The Stormy Weather figurine has seen a few variations and even a few different sizes over the years. 2. I didnt know anything about Hummells at the time, now I see there is no trademark stamp on the baseand no incised signature. Customer reviews and photos may be available to help you make the right purchase decision! You can have the Hummel repaired there are many specialists out there. C $244.34. Here are some of the most valuable Hummel figurines on the market. It is the number 27. Nobody can prove who really produced the Beswick figurines, but this is the magic of the collector market. They used many trademarks for each time period. I could send you pictures if this would help, but I was wondering tell me anything about these figures. Of course, the most obvious options to consider are popular online marketplaces, like Craigslist and eBay. I would greatly appreciate your help. I just saw your value guide! Height 17 cm, Bochmann Goebel Hummel Declaration of Independence group figure set upon a wooden base with plaque edition 24/400, missing a figure, Hummel lamp base with original Retail label modelled as a girl in a tree with a dog and slipper, Hummel figure #43, March Winds with impressed base. Its my guess that these are the oldest? or Best Offer +C $47.43 shipping estimate. Please try again later. Collectors may only be interested in a certain trademark. Can you please tell me if this is a knock off. Hi. Now back to the bottom of the base, another incised number 15 is below & sideways to the 96. Hummel plate Also is this Hummel or just goebel? I hope you can help me! These can be sold individually or as a set. Be safe 2023 John Furphy Pty. Help Please! Value and price guides are usually 1-2 years out of date before they even hit the shelves. However, the word Germany appears under the trademark, rather than Western Germany, which is what is displayed on most other examples of this figurine. Here are the most popular ways you can sell your Hummel figurines: A good way to liquidate the value of your Hummel figurine is to sell it at an auction. What would be the best way to get you pictures of these figures, since that might be the best way for you to get a feel for them? are they authentic? I think the trademark you described is the 1955-59 if this is true the estimated retail value is $425-$475. i have a hummel, she has a red kercheif on her head, is holding a white bag (tied in a knot) with blue polka dots in one hand & in the other a bouquet of flowers & a woven basket. Diese Auktion ist eine LIVE Auktion! But I cant be sure. Hello! The figurine is 5-1/2 wide, 5-1/4 high, and 2 deep. and the little gardener has many more polka dots on her dress as well. At the bottom @ the back around the rim is engraved M I Hummel followed by copyright mark followed by what looks like W in a G. On the underside of the figurine is the large bee in a V with (R) in blue right next to it and with Germany printed in black. price for these figurines is $100-200 (USD). please look at the chart at the top of the page to determine which TMK is on the bottom of the Madonna and I can give you a better idea of the worth. Also, most have secondary, smaller numbers placed elsewhere on the base. Thus today, both the Dubler figurines and the Beswick figurines are much sought after collector items, even though they are not authentic Hummel figurines. We need to know what the retail value is for it so we can claim it with the moving company. Hi there it reads humm before the bucket gets in the way! I recently inheireted 11 Hummell/Goebel figurines. I have 3 Hummel figurines that belonged to my mother. As I paid $196 for the first one, I got seriously ripped off! and the other number looks like a 4 or maybe a 6 its really hard to tell. The Fair market value on this is all over the place, it all depends on when and where it is sold and if the right person is there. . To add the following enhancements to your purchase, choose a different seller. Opens in a new window or tab. I have learned that there are Hummel/ Goebel factory samples that may not have made their way out for public sale. I have a M.I. Hello, I have not been able to find this madonna anywhere. no it does not sit on a box. These ashtray were made around 1935. Estimated value is $250.00 (USD). How can I find this out. The values on Hummels can vary depending on where you sell them and the current condition of the market. I have heard of some pre crown pieces that were tests. As for the paper label I do not know what this refers to. i have done some research on their titles and markings. Thanks! Ive seen pictures with and without the dots and wonder if that is any help in narrowing down the date further than can be done by the trademark. Little Music Makers (Mini-Plate) 1984 to 1987 Hum No: 742 - 744. The first date that is stamped on the Hummel figurine 1952 I believe is the first year this lamp was in production. This lamp was first modeled in 1953 by master sculptor Arthur Moeller and has been redesigned several times. If correct and these have a Goebel w/ Germany TM on the bottom then they are from the 79-90 line. If it has the trademark from 1935-1940 the age would be between those years. Please help me if you can! The best place to sell Hummels like this is at auction. in many cases the blanks were made at a earlier time before they were painted. Retail values tend to be 1/3 to 1/2 higher then auction values but in some cases the FMV will be higher then the retail value. Both have H suspenders. Mahalo. SKU: HUM005. Would appreciate value of two figurines, both marked M.J. Hummel on upper base. Steve, Hi Steve, It says Germany and has small black 5 on the bottom as well. M I Hummel figures are produced by renowned German porcelain manufacturer W Goebel Porzellainfabrik ('Goebel'). Hi, I have an angel holding a lantern figurine with the stamp from 1979-1990. @Taylod, Can you tell me the number that is engraved on the bottom of the lamp? Hi I have a Hummel table lamp of a little boy holding a flower sitting up against a fence w/ a tree behing him stamped w/ a V with a heart in it Western Germany stamped 227 back of base MJ Hummmmel cant find any info do you have any pricing. It is unlikely for a Hummel not to have its trademarking. What can you tell me about these and how much they are worth? Thank you for the information. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Vintage 1975 First Edition M. J. Hummel Anniversary "Stormy Weather" Plate. The trademark is actually engraved in the bottom of the figure. She also has a green purse over her left arm. I have the Hummel Umbrella Boy and Umbrella Girl. You may receive a partial or no refund on used, damaged or materially different returns. She is without halo, her robe is very dark blue, and under the opening on the blue robe a blue underdress, which instead showing through a parted robe from the neckline down only shows a small amount of the red dress underneath, near her feet, which have black shoes on. It looks like a charcoal?? On its bottom this figurine has the 1990-1999 Goebel stamp with what looks like a small signature marking next to the stamp. It has the incised Double Crown marking. However, the Goebel logo puts it manufactured between 1960-1972. Sandy, Allegra Kelley said: However, there are two other hings: Elizabeth. Shop with confidence. HUMMEL FIGURINE STORMY WEATHER - #71 - TMK 2CROWN - 6.25" TALL. I have not personally used one. Again auction value is unknown but you can expect 1/3 of the retail value. On the bottom of the boys right foot (underneath the figurine) is the blue V with something also stamped inside that. Thanks Korin. I have been trying to find out about my little 5 1/2 inch tall Madonna for Years now:( To no avail, I have never found a similar comparison. Mine is only about 4 tall. Age Vintage Hummels are usually more valuable. Susie. Ltd. & a boy with bird 9.5 cm high approx, Three vintage Hummel figures, 8.5 cm - 16 cm high, Two Hummel figures Wayside Harmony and the little Cobbler (2), Hummel figure of a school girl, approx. Are these worth anything? I cant find another stamp like it to compare Little Homemakers (miniplate) 1988 to 1991 Hum No: 745 - 748. The original figurine was designed by master sculptor Reinhold Unger in 1937 and has also been known as Under One Roof. Telling her Secret Suffice to say, if you have a TMK-2 or a TMK-3, your Hummel is older and worth more. These figurines display a group of school boys and a group of school girls, respectively. [more like this] Collection of Hummels Anniversary Plate Dia.10 4-3/4 inches tall. I have photos of the underside and of them. The Stormy Weather figurine has seen a few variations and even a few different sizes over the years. Colors are mostly muted earth tones. There is the word, Germany printed in black off to the right of the V. They do not need to say Hummel on them to be true Hummels. 112 3/0 Just Resting trademark 4 $300 (USD) 3 Goebel Hummel figurines: Child w/ deer or dog $40. Thank you. If a piece has more than one trademark, for example, it has a crown trademark (tmk-1) and one or two others (tmk-2 and/or tmk-3) how do you tell the age? I have figurines of Hansel and Grettel with cottage. Each M. I. Hummel figurine has been made in Germany by Goebel. the markings underneath are 2 arrows crossing and the numbers 7961 on two of them but they are different figures and 8219 on the other one. The big mystery is it has very distinctive Three Line Mark(Trademark #4) on the bottom so that puts it as 1964-1972, so why is the date say 1956? Without the number or the name you will have to rely on comparing pictures to other figurines till you find a match. Something went wrong. Maybe thats just the way the signature looks. Doctor- 4 3/4 style bee no damage West Germany purchased in 1959. Have several Hummel figurines and 2 plates. Hummel made a few Terra Cotta figurines this maybe one. it also has a small 77 incised in the bottom as well, Mold number perhaps. Thank you Joy. Sold for $2,200 via Blackwell Auctions LLC (January 2021). Required fields are marked *. 65 # 201/1 1948 and Village Boy (?) Please try again. It is perfect condition as it was in a box for years. Thanks! Reviewed in the United States on February 29, 2016, AN EXCELLENT ADDITION TO MY COLLECTION. This may have been one of the many other figurines Goebel produced. standing in front of him. Otherwise they are perfect. Best of luck! Hi Korin, lol TY for reply, lol I am still trying to find out about her, I googled HM80 and found your site again. Hummel figurines. There is also red marker writing on the bottom. It is approx. Please try again. There are more specialized websites focusing on antiques and collectibles of value, like Ruby Lane. Model Date: 1920's. Expected Sale Price Today (depending on condition): Approximately $200. Trying to find But, on average, Hummel plates' values range from $10 to $200, depending on the age, condition, packaging, and sales venue. The new Masterpiece Stormy Weather was modeled to a size of 13.00" by master sculptor Marion Huschka in 2014 and released with a trademark 10 backstamp in 2015. I am a bit confused, because according to the trademark stamp, they were manufactured between 1964-1972, yet the year engraved on the bottom reads 1957. I do appreciate your help! So in this case your Hummel woudl be a TMK 4. Thank you Korin. In the center bottom the Hummel mark looks like the V with a smaller v inside itor maybe thats the bee. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Many times when there are multiple dates on an item it can be hard to determine the correct date. Has 07 ingraved into bottom as well as 34. It doesnt have any figurines on it, but it does have two simplistic (Bavarian?) Subscription successfull! Product information . Auction price is about $85.00 (USD). Except for a few short breaks during World War II and in the early 2000s, the figurines have been in continuous production, breathing life into hundreds of M.I Hummels drawings. . Your age chart indicates that my figurine was made between 1972 1979. @Marijke 1972 $750-775 (USD) each. Can you tell me anything about this happening. Any guide lines would be great. The mark tells me it is fron 1972-1979. Chimney Sweep Small (12 2/0) The figurine is of a light auburned jerry-curled (Shirley Temple look) blue eyed girl. In excellent condition. I cant find anything at all wrong with it. The figurine is 6 by 4 and approximately 2 1/2 high. The little gardener is the Bee that stands higher than the V it has a recessed circle around it. To see our price, add these items to your cart. I have a collection of Hummels I purchased in Germany in 1966-1967. I have five Hummels left to me by my father who purchased these in Germany. Great colors. I have a hummel that has written in script, M I Hummel across the base of a figurine approx 6 inches high. I have a Nativity Hummell Mary and Jesus on a donkey, she is wearing a blue cover. Is there a number on the back of this plaque? Its even more valuable with the porcelain identification plaque, which came with the original figurines. How can I establish their names and their value? Incised crown mark is on the underneath side along with a stamped Germany and Made in U.S.-Zone. I have scoured the internet looking for clues as to the value. I cannot find it anywhere online! Ive also blogged about my findings; this also may be of interest to you. birds painted in the dish facing each other. someone just gave me her collection of 11 hummels. My Husband and I inherited several Hummel figurines from his mother. Ill go back to the store and have another look at the Wayside Devotion for a closer look at the trademark. Goebel used the same trademarking for all of its products until 1990. Title is Merry Little Village number A470 with mini figures 235-1 thru 235-7 all in boxes. VINTAGE HUMMEL FIGURINE: STORMY WEATHER TMK 3 #71 Stylized Bee 6.25 NICE! Thank you again. I recently inherited five hummels from my mother-in-law and would prefer to sell them rather than keep them. thanks for your help, in advance. The only time this is not true is in the case of very rare Hummels that are not seen on the market very often. Use our contact form and message me (Ivy) and I will tell you how to send photos to me. If possible, could you tell me their names? Book Value (Miller, '06) $900; discounted price. without box; discontinued piece; Book Value (Miller, '06) $900; discounted price. The estimated value is $325 (USD). Hummel Markings. The V with the bee on it looks to be in the 1950 to 1955 range. Can you help me with this? Manufacturer : Hummel : ASIN : B00188DMTE : Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 ratings. Pricing & History. are they worth anything?
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